What you'll learn:

  • What are the different types of demand response?
  • How do I know if my equipment / processes are suitable?
  • What is the revenue potential?
  • How does demand response support your company's wider sustainability goals?

Demand response can transform how we use and deliver energy and accelerate our transition to a zero carbon economy. David Hill of Open Energi will guide you through the market and explain how energy users can benefit without any disruption to their business.

David will be joined by Martyn Newton, assistant director of estates at University of East Anglia who will be sharing his experience of implementing a demand response strategy and answering your questions.



David Hill, Business Development Director 

David Hill is Business Development Director at Open Energi and an expert on electricity markets and demand response. David’s role is to define and articulate Open Energi’s company vision and corporate strategy in order to realise the potential for Dynamic Demand to deliver system-wide change and accelerate business growth. He is passionate about the role of Dynamic Demand in creating a circular economy and transferring value from traditional energy companies to consumers. David graduated from Edinburgh University in 2007 with an MA in Economics and Politics before completing an MSc Energy, Trade and Finance at Cass Business School in 2010.


UEAlogojpeg Martyn Newton, Assistant Director of Estates

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