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The great debate: Is CSR dead?

How should business leaders and policymakers shape a system capable of withstanding the combined demographic, environmental and resource pressures of the 21st Century?

Take part in Barclay's latest global debate, where the panel will deliberate one of the most contentious questions in sustainability: Is CSR dead?

Join a live interactive online stream (Today 6pm BST/ 1pm EST/ 10am PDT) on 2degrees, and put forward your perspective on the debate between John ElkingtonMark Kramer and other key players. 

Whose side are you on?

John Elkington


John Elkington
As the originator of “The Triple Bottom Line” and a leading innovator in delivering sustainable outcomes through CSR, John is an outspoken defender of the concept of CSR.

Joined on the panel by Patrick Thomas, Chairman of Covestro, where innovation is driving commercial solutions to sustainability challenges


Mark Kramer


Mark Kramer
As the co-author of “Creating Shared Value” alongside Michael Porter, Mark is in favour of rewriting business strategies to align commercial and societal needs.

Joined on the panel by Janet Voute, Global Head of Public Affairs at Nestle, where CSV is now part of the company’s DNA

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